Hedge Fund Modelling and Analysis Using Excel and VBA

With the global financial meltdown of 2008 behind us and another potentially worse crisis looming on the horizon, the challenges have never been greater for hedge fund managers seeking to deliver the kinds of returns their clients have come to expect. To survive in todays increasingly volatile, risky and uncertain financial markets, fund managers, risk analysts and savvy investors need to fully understand the best modelling and analytical techniques at their disposal. Hedge Fund Modelling and Analysis Using Excel and VBA shows them how.

Coauthored by two respected authorities on hedge funds and asset management, this implementation-oriented guide shows you how to employ a range of the most commonly used analysis tools and techniques both in industry and academia, for understanding, identifying and managing risk as well as for quantifying return factors across several key investment strategies. The book is also suitable for use as a core textbook for specialised graduate level courses in hedge funds and alternative investments.

The book begins with an overview of the industry, the major classes of hedge funds, and the most common investment strategies employed by hedge fund managers. This is followed by a critical assessment of the major information sources, including prominent commercial hedge fund databases and the indices and benchmarks they produce. The authors reveal the limitations and inherent shortcomings of each data source, while highlighting common problems and pitfalls associated with interpreting and utilising the summary data they provide.

The book provides hands-on coverage of the visual and theoretical methods for measuring and modelling hedge fund performance with an emphasis on risk-adjusted performance metrics and techniques. A range of sophisticated risk analysis models and risk management strategies are also described in detail. Throughout, coverage is supplemented with helpful skill building exercises and worked examples in Excel and VBA.

A comprehensive course in hedge fund modelling and analysis, this book arms you with the knowledge and tools required to effectively manage your risks and to optimise the return profile of your investment style.