Hedge Fund Modelling and Analysis Using MATLAB®

Book Reviews

"The hedge fund sector has grown far beyond popular trading strategies like 'Global Macro', 'Short Selling' or 'Arbitrage' in recent decades. With the establishment of increasingly complex, quantitative trading strategies and the popularity of the fund-of-funds structure, this book addresses the need for exploring the field of 'hedge fund modeling'. The fact that both authors have substantial experience within the hedge fund industry, as practitioners, manifests itself through their superb selection of topics, ranging from performance measurement tools to essential risk management considerations. Each concept is discussed both at the theoretical or empirical levels, and concise MATLAB applications are also supplied. I highly recommend this book to anyone who attempts to take a serious look at the world of alternative investments in the 21st century. This text goes beyond standard literature, developing new solutions to the challenges that both fund managers and investors face in today's turbulent environment."

Djamal Marcel Adib, Chief Investment Officer, FRACTILEX Capital Management Ltd./Chief Executive Officer, KLIPPA Investments Ltd.